Live every day to the fullets
We wanted to create a living space for people to enjoy life, improve their health and socialise with their peers. Dedicated to the high standards of healthcare, we brought together stellar facilities, the best medical experts and high-efficacy treatment programs to offer our guests a new better life.

Global Senior Care is a fully equipped centre with multiple locations to meet the needs of every individual and improve quality of life. In our facilities, you can truly enjoy a pain-free, stress-free life.

It is a unique place where you can enjoy a resort holiday in peace and also receive necessary medical treatment from our expert physicians and qualified staff.
Ayka - the place where health meets a dynamic resort life
People are one of the core values of Ayka. We take great pride in calling ourselves a team, and we strongly believe that it is the team that makes any experience memorable. We approached talent selection for our team with care and thoroughness. Having stood at the roots of health tourism in Turkey, we have been continuously improving our processes, thus we assembled a qualified team of top-notch medical staff. Among us we are proud to have physiotherapists, cardiologists, dieticians, psychologists, sports trainers and physiotherapy specialists.

All the staff are trained to put care in healthcare. Each professiona strives to deliver the best service in both treatment and preventive medicine. This motto is reflected in the way we design our patient programs - all the activities and nutrition are tailored to meet the needs of every patient.
Green Valley - is a longevity centre. In fact, it is more than a centre, it is a home where seniors can live every day of their life to the fullest. It is a place where peers who share the same goals join together to experience the best of life in their golden years. It is for the people who choose comfort, health, and fun. With the availability of social infrastructure and activities, great medical care staff and a luxurious facility, Green Valley has no equal. It is truly a unique project that is one of its kind in the entire Turkey.
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